Why I DON’T Run with My Gun

Every so often THIS article makes the rounds on Facebook. (It looks like the Run-Haven website is currently down, so I apologize if that link doesn’t send you to the right story.) Run-Haven will re-post it and within a few hours, a storm of comments will follow. As one would expect, there are the usual knee-jerk reactions from both sides, the arrogant condescending responses, and in general nothing productive or positive.

I fully support the right to keep and bear arms. I have nothing against firearms. I think all adults should seriously consider owning a few. However, I just don’t understand how anyone can run with a pistol. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to be able to do so.

Version 2

I agree with Andrea Higgins, “Safety First!” But considering that when I run, I sweat (and I sweat quite a bit in the summer), I can’t seem to come up with a setup that will keep the pistol dry. I can’t figure out how to carry a pistol without having to strip it, clean it, and lube it, immediately after the run. If I used some sort of advanced water-tight pouch, I wouldn’t be able to draw with any sort of speed, making my pistol dead weight.

I’ve asked for input about holsters and most suggestions seem to be some sort of fanny-pack style contraption, or belly-band style holsters that look hot and uncomfortable. No, thank you.

If you’ve got a set-up that works, then please, do tell!



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