When comics were “Funnies”, winged men were amazing


One day in 1993, I was in Walmart with my Mother when I saw a new comic book Airman: Issue #1 by Mailbu Comics. Like many 12 year old kids, I was sure that by buying any and every “issue one” I came across, one day I would have a gold mine in a shoe box and never have to worry about money again. As it turns out we were all wrong. But back to Airman…

I read the comic and I liked the character and his suit; large wings that enabled flight, a jet pack for short bursts of speed, robotic talon feet for crushing things. However, it seemed like the writers were making him seem weak on purpose, a single gun shot to his wings and suddenly he couldn’t fly well. Don’t most criminals use guns?

I never saw Airman again and didn’t give it much thought.

I recently stumbled across some of the original Airman Funnies. Apparently, Airman was an old character that had fallen into public domain. Malibu decided to use public characters, give them a slight re-design and create a new comic book universe.


There’s just something about characters with full sized wings, they seem so cool in comics, yet never translate well to the big screen. Angel in X-Men for example was barely on screen at all. The Hawkmen in the Flash Gordon movie seem somewhat off. Now the CW is going to give HawkGirl a go during primetime.

She looks good, but where are her wings? Guess, we’ll wait and see.

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