What’s in your gym bag?

I finally found a good morning routine. Drive the kids to school, drive to Planet Fitness, exercise, shower, and finally drive straight to work.

When you shower at the gym every morning, you have to have a gym bag. My bag holds my shower shoes, towel, plastic bags to put sweaty clothes in, combination lock, extra set of gym clothes, and of course – toiletries.

I purchased a set of travel bottles for my body wash, shampoo, and conditioner.

Since I keep my gym bag in my car, I can’t keep deodorant in my gym bag because it will melt. Florida sunshine is brutal and there’s no shade where I work, so my deodorant is kept in my desk at work and in the master bathroom at home.



I was just starting to feel like I had created my new normal when I noticed something in my body wash. Normally my body wash is just green, with some speckles. However one particular day I noticed lots of white chunks in it. These were like the speckles, but much, much larger. I don’t know if it’s the heat or oxidation, but something was causing the detergents to precipitate out… or maybe the speckles were coming together to make one big lump.

The bottle was almost empty and it all dissolved upon contact with water. No big deal. I guess my inner-chemist is just curious. And a part of me just wants to go back to bar soap. I have a soap caddy and as far as I can tell, bar soaps are not affected by heat. Maybe that’s old school, but it works.

Another thing I’ve never heard anyone talk about… WHERE do you put your sweaty workout clothes? Even if it was a light work out, you don’t want to put clothes covered in sweat in your bag. That’s a problem. Considering I have a large stock pile of plastic “T-shirt” bags from several retailers, I’ve started to keep a handful of those in my gym bag, to carry my gym clothes home.

What’s in your gym bag how do you keep it fresh?


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