Under Armour’s Health Box – Worth the money?

I remember in 2012, when I overheard a hospital pharmacist explaining her FitBit to a co-worker. At the time it sounded so high-tech. It would record steps, monitor movement at night, estimate sleep time, and it could sync all of that information wirelessly with a smart-phone.

I wanted one, but I was a poor student and couldn’t spend my financial aid on anything but the essentials. I had an Android smart-phone at the time, and I used MapMyFitness to track hikes and bike rides. That was enough for me.

Since then, I’ve bought myself an Armour39 chest strap heart rate monitor, two smart scales by Weight Gurus, and a MisFit activity and sleep tracker (read my review here).


After telling a co-worker about using them, she looked at me and said:

I don’t understand how you use so many apps, I think my phone would explode!

While my phone has not exploded, it seems that the activity-and-sleep tracker market has exploded.

The Under Armour Health Box caught my attention recently, since it is the all-in-one system. A full feature smart scale, an activity / sleep tracker, and a chest band heart rate monitor Рall syncing to the same app. They really make it look good.

However, the $400 price tag makes me pause. Four-Hundred dollars is enough to make most people think it through. I’m not convinced I want to spend that much for an upgrade when all my apps can already communicate through Apple Health. That’s not to say what I have is perfect. But let’s do the math:

Misfit $30 + WeightGurus $50 + Armour39 $75 = $155.00

Adding the cost of upgrading to MapMyFitness+ (plus) and it’s still under $180.00, which is what you’d pay for the UA band alone. But the UA band has continuous heart rate monitoring and allows users to tag activities while they do them… a useful feature, if you want to leave your phone at home. If that’s important to you we can do the math again with the FitBit Charge HR:

FitBit Charge HR $150 + WeightGurus $50 + Armour39 $75 = $275.00

Still quite a bit less than $400, but maybe I’m just cheap.

When you get down to it, the important part is being active and living clean. What you wear or how you track isn’t that important. Getting outside and hitting the road is important.

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