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The Hide-N-Divide

My car before…

And after!

The entry level of each Nissan is called the “S” model. You might think that means “standard.” I’m starting to think it stands for “sucker”… as in, “You’re the gullible sucker who bought a cheap car that now needs endless upgrades!”

This story goes back to when I first bought my Versa Note in early 2014. I realized very quickly that something was missing from my cargo area. Nissan calls it the “Hide-N-Divide” and the cargo area is designed to have this piece. It makes the cargo area level when the seats are folded down and creates a sort of mini trunk. The “S” model and, in my case “S-plus” model, didn’t have this standard feature.

So what to do? I could go back to the dealership stealership and buy the Hide-N-Divide at list price.. OR I could shop online and hope to save a few bucks. I choose the latter, every time.

I searched several different part warehouse sites when I came across:

Their webpage design is very simple, it looks like they didn’t put any effort into making a good looking page. My gut instinct told me something was fishy and I shouldn’t risk ordering from them. It just HAS to be a scam site… right? However, their parts look-up system was accurate and they had the Hide-N-Divide at a decent price, with the cheapest shipping.

I finally decided to take a chance and place an order. Next thing I know I’ve got a big package on the doorstep! It turns out, the website is operated by a dealership in California called Mossy Nissan.

Skip ahead to today – I’ve discovered that I need a mooring point on the front of my car to tie my kayak down. For some strange reason the tow-hook does not come standard. Once again, had the best deal.

Now I have a spot to tie down my kayak. Nothing special, but it gets the job done.










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