Minimum Wage

There’s the world I want to live in, and then there is the world I have to live in.

Stupid Reality.

Minimum Wage will not be abolished anytime soon. I have to accept that. The current push to get Minimum Wage to $15/Hr. isn’t going away either. I don’t like that.

I’ve given quite a bit of thought to the issue, and I’m thinking maybe two separate tiers of Minimum Wage could work. The first would be for individuals under age 21, this would be for high school and college kids. The second would be the true living wage for everyone 21 and over.

But that won’t solve any problems, the kids who can’t better themselves will just stick it out and stay-on and wait until they can get their $15/Hr.

We can expect most unskilled laborers to be replaced by machines. Who needs a barista when we have a Starbucks Coffee machine?

..and you’d like a hot sandwich for lunch? No problem! We have an ice cold vending machine with sandwiches licensed by your favorite drive thru! The microwave is next to the tables.

This is what has happened in the building I work in. The barista/short order girl and her fresh omelettes, sandwiches, and fruit are gone. This is happening everywhere.

Momentum Machines has a fully automated gourmet burger maker. And Let’s Pizza! has a machine that makes a pizza from scratch right before your eyes.

Looks like the Automat is about to make a come back.

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