I hate “Mobile Strike” and I kept playing it for weeks

Mobile Games! Some of them are addictive, like “Cut The Rope.” Others are silly and fun like “Puzzle Quest.” Then there is the genre that just plain stinks: the perpetual-pay-to-play games.

Mobile Strike and Game of War are in that category, and they really grind my gears.

First they use Bait and Switch ads to get you into the game. I’ve actually played the demo of both Mobile Strike and Game of War when they presented themselves to me as an ad in-between moves in Words with Friends. This “demo” is a real-time tower defense game.

We’re under attack, quick defend us!
In a few seconds you build the tower. Then a few seconds later you build farms to supply gold, so you can build more towers.
This is a style of game I really like… fast paced, strategy, tower defense. However, the actual game play of both Game of War and Mobile Strike is absolutely nothing like these demos. Simply put, if you like to set timers and watch them tick down, you’ll love these games!
You go on missions, by setting timers.

You level up your quarries, iron mines, farms, and oil fields, by setting timers.

You level up your hospitals, your training grounds, your defenses, and your HQ, by… You guessed it! Setting timers.

The only things that happens in a real time scenario are attacks and supplies.

This is the main reason these games are just plain awful. You see, players who have been playing longer will obviously have more power, and they can attack you at any given moment. Even when you’re not online… or more accurately, especially when you’re not online.

After all, who doesn’t love logging into an RPG just to find out that your base is on fire, your troops are all dead or in the hospital, and your commanding officer is a P.O.W. – taken by the same forces that attacked you, and you’re completely powerless to stop them.

Fun Right? So what are you to do?
Pay for upgrades of course! You only see an ad like this after every move you make.
Hey… when I was a teenager I could easily spend a few bucks at the arcade, and I should support the developers. So five bucks is worth it, and maybe the ads will stop?


The ads went up to the $19.99 package and are just as ever-present as before. Also, the power ups I got for $4.99 just pushed me a little further along, I was still struggling to build up my troops, my wall, etc. This game is too realistic, just like in real life… you can’t win without money and it takes lots of it.

The strangest thing about Mobile Strike is that for weeks, I kept playing it. Some of the reviews in the App Store have said the same thing. Due to the brotherhood or the esprit de corps of the alliances, they kept playing too. I decided that I needed to get back into something positive like Zombies, Run!, so I uninstalled Mobile Strike and I have put it down for good. If anyone knows what tower-defense game the demo was based on, please let me know. I would really like to play that game.

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