Cheap watches still tell time

Thanks to preying upon my impulse buying, I found myself in possession of a BowFlex heart rate watch. It sounded great online…

No Chest Strap Required!

As it turns out, the watch does not monitor your heart rate, you can simply use it to check your heart rate by turning on that feature and placing a finger on each sensor. While disappointed with my “deal”, it turned out to be a useful watch. Obviously, it tells time and heart rate. This model also has a stopwatch, timer, and three separate alarms.

Version 2

From the get go, I knew that BowFlex wasn’t making watches. This is just a random, mass produced watch that somebody took and slapped the BowFlex name on it. What really gets me, is that some places list these cheap plastic watches for $49.99 or more. That’s insane. Through Groupon, with shipping I paid less than $20. (Here’s an even cheaper option: Bowflex Strapless Water Resistant Quick Touch EZ PRO Heart Rate Monitor Watch)

One advantage I discovered with watches like this is that you can use them to check the heart rate of anyone within arm’s reach, NOT just the person wearing it. I had a friend feel faint at the gym, so we checked her heart rate and it was low, not high (rapid heart rate is a sign of hypoglycemia). She was fine, so back to the watch.

I wore it everyday, and then one day the band broke. Due to the design it is not serviceable, so I keep it on my desk like a clock. Desperate to replace it, I found that Groupon now had a Sketchers heart rate watch.

Version 2

It is, in essence, the exact same watch in almost every way. I’m hoping that this one does not break anytime soon. The band seems to have a better fit, and I think that will put less tension on the pins. But If I ever need to replace it, I wonder what the next branding of this watch will be? A clothing company? A diet pill? Who knows.. I just wish I could buy these watches directly from the manufacturer instead of having to wait for some nonsense branding promo.

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